Pilgrimage to the holy land 

​耶路撒冷!我们的双足,已经站立在你的门口。”(聖詠集 122:1-2)

“耶路撒冷,耶路撒冷,我多少次愿意聚集你的子女...“ (路加福音 13:34)




These two verses from the Sacred Scriptures point to the mystery of Jerusalem and of the Holy Land as the place of significant importance to us Christians and to the whole world.  It is here that salvation was attained when Jesus offered his life for us.

It is here that the victory of life over death took place with the promise of eternal life.

The Church of Jerusalem has both the local and universal dimension. It embodies the Church of the local faithful of the Holy Land, with their own unique vocation and testimony; while it also represents the Mother Church of all Christians around the world.

I invite you to come on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land: to pray at the Holy Places, to rediscover your faith, to deepen your appreciation of the Gospel here in the Land of Jesus, to experience for yourselves the reality in which we Christians today are called to live our faith, to sustain us with your prayers, to meet the local communities in the hope of future collaboration with one another.  I will be happy to welcome you to your home, the Latin Patriarchate!

Christians are the minority here, yet we are the “Living Stones” and witnesses of the continuity of the Christian presence in the Holy Land.  Together we pray and raise our gaze beyond the empty tomb, to remind us that our Lord is alive and present among us. 

May our Blessed Mary, Queen of Palestine, turn her benevolent gaze upon us all and assure us of her protection.

福阿德 · 特瓦尔  天主教耶路撒冷宗主教