Mission Statement

We desire to offer to travellers the possibility to encounter not only the sacred shrines but also experience the rich culture of the “living stones”, that is, the communities that have lived for Centuries in the Holy Land and preserve the Christian culture and presence in the Land of Jesus.

Latin Patriarchate Pilgrimages was born within the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in 2012. The Pilgrimage is not only a journey to visit holy places, but a real blessing, a time of prayer, a union with Christ, and a meeting with other Christians. Overall, it is a way of strengthening one’s faith. 

Our pilgrimage opens your eyes and hearts to listen and to feel the people, who inhabit this land discovering their contribution to peace. We write our pilgrimage programs to meet with them, to visit the parishes, the charities that distinguish our Church. We dedicate a special program to develop the youth pilgrimage and youth exchange. 

We are one of the best tour operators for pilgrimage to Holy Land and all Marian shrines all over the world.

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