Pope Francis Youth Center

Pope Francis Youth Center, located in Beit- Jala close to Jaser Palace. In the past the facilities used to be dormitories for girl students of University of Bethlehem.

The project is made out of a complex including, rehabilitation of the old existing building and adding a new section. Today we are in the first phase of the project ti include 55 guest rooms along with the required facilities and public areas.

The project is still under construction and is planned to be completed by the end of 2016.

The center will serve pilgrims accommodation and will offer a special rates to youth.

As part of our mission, maintaining the living stones, creating job opportunities and improving the local church properties in the Holy Land, we develop projects to meet these goals. In 2010, the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem started to develop its pilgrimage houses to welcome the pilgrims in Jesus land. We are creating unique centers that also will host youth pilgrimage as well. We are proud to introduce our projects in Bethlehem and Nazareth. the Latin Patriarchate Pilgrimages Office dedicating major part toward this mission.


Knights Palace

The Frere's Old School in Nazareth, one of the most ancient and first schools in the city. It is located in the heart of Nazareth, the Center can be accessed from either the entrance from the old city of Nazareth or the upper side with bus accessabilty.

​The project is designed to operate as a pilgrim's house with 100 guest rooms with the required facilities and public areas, and it will create equal and fair job opportunities for close to 60 local Christian families.

​The project is ready to start at any stage once the resources are available.

Pilgrimage to the holy land