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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Dear Pilgrims,

We are monitoring the situation around the new virus very carefully with the understanding some pilgrims are afraid it will impact their travel plans for the summer.

+ The date of your planned pilgrimage is still too far away regarding any conclusions related to canceling.

+ All airline companies have no updates, or new policies beyond the end of April 10, 2020. We have made payments to all airline companies to hold the seats on your behalf.

+ Some pilgrims have purchased business class tickets, or other individual tickets that have already been issued, these tickets are subject to normal airline company policy regarding early cancelation. In the event, the Corona Virus continues through summer or to the second half of this year, we guarantee to reschedule the pilgrimage to a later date.

+ For example, we have rescheduled a pilgrimage scheduled for March 2020 to October 2020. We pray and believe this situation will be resolved before this summer and our pilgrimage will go on as planned.

+ At this stage, we are encouraging patience, hoping this will be over before the summer. We strongly urge pilgrims not to panic. Individuals making the decision to cancel on their own, risk a loss of all monies paid at this point, especially those who did not purchase insurance. + We at L. P. Pilgrimages are doing everything possible to protect you and your financial investment. We are negotiating with airline companies, hotels, and ground services on your behalf.

Therefore, we are postponing all future payment dates. And we ask you not to make any further payment at the moment.

We will notify you regarding future payments through our L. P. Pilgrimage USA office either by Phone or via email.

Our partner, Travelex insurance has agreed to extend all purchased policies for up to 1 year in the event current pilgrimages are rescheduled.

The policies will transfer to the new dates of travel. Once dates have been set for the new pilgrimage, you will have the opportunity to purchase the added coverage of “Cancel For Any Reason” within the first 15 days of setting the new date.

For this reason, we encourage all pilgrims to purchase travel insurance.

Please follow the link provided:

Travelex Insurance

We will keep you posted for any updates.

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