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Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Why the name "L. P. Pilgrimage"?

In early 2010, L. P. Pilgrimages was created as part of initiative between, the Church of Rome and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem combining efforts to help the local church in the Holy Land economically. In 2018, after new regulations were enacted by the Vatican regarding commercial activity, Latin Patriarchate Pilgrimages was transformed into a private company thus it became L. P. Pilgrimages.  


Today L. P. Pilgrimages is a multinational Catholic family team, in full cooperation with three other Catholic companies, Expedite Travel Consultants, Nazareth 2000 and Rosalen peregrinaciones ( Roma-Santiago-Jerusalen).


L. P. Pilgrimages continues the original commitment of helping the remaining “Living Stones”, the Christians of the Holy Land, by providing job opportunities to Christian families and businesses, along with our newest project of funding the Patriarch Michel Sabbah Foundation for the Holy Land.


We are the Leading Tailor- Made Tour Operators in Catholic Pilgrimages


L.P. Pilgrimages Services is now a leading Catholic pilgrimage and group tour operator and Destination Management Company.  We are based in Nazareth Israel, with offices in Atlanta USA, Sassuolo, Italy and Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  As a successful tailor-made tour operator and Destination Management Company, we deal in both business to customer and business to business markets.


Here at L. P. Pilgrimages, we are experts in organizing pilgrimages and tours to the Holy Land & Europe. Our destinations include: The Holy Land, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Germany, Hungary and Mexico. We specialize in all Christian Sanctuaries and Marian Shrines.


With a focus on customer service and the spiritual experience, at L.P. Pilgrimages we deliver top quality services and strive to provide a unique experience of pilgrimage to meet your budget, ambition and expectation.


All of us here at L. P. Pilgrimages, work tirelessly to ensure that your pilgrimage is a carefree, successful and enjoyable experience from start to finish. We pride ourselves in attention to detail with your travel plans, air transportation, accommodations and specialized inclusions. Along with our travel insurance partner, we aim to secure your health, safety, and financial protection. With guidance in pre-tour preparation, risk assessment and planning, as well as on the ground assistance, you will be benefitting from a wealth of collective knowledge and experience. Our tour escort will meet you at your arrival city and stay with you throughout your pilgrimage until you return to the airport for your flight home.

USA Team

USA Team

LeAnn Brand
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USA Account Manager

Chase Simpson
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Europe Team

Albeto Tosi
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Europe Account Executive Manager

Marina Venturini
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Pastoral projects developer  - Italy

Liliana Fernandez
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Operation - Spain

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Marketing & Operation Manager

Holy Land Team

Suhail Sabbah
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Accounting Manager

Bassam Kurzum

Bassam Kurzum

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Ticketing - Nazareth 2000

Salwa Awwad
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Rana Sabbah
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